Sad Bastard Songs

by Chris Mendoza

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recorded in August of 2014 at the Brown Room Las Vegas, NV


released October 28, 2014

Chris Mendoza: vocals, guitar, songwriting
Mike Frederick Ziethlow: mixing, mastering, badassering
Sonia Seelinger: album photo



all rights reserved


Chris Mendoza Nevada

Chris Mendoza is a performing songwriter based in the Bay Area, CA.

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Track Name: Chase A Real Girl
if you can't say
where else you might want to be
perhaps we're supposed to be here

shards of light spread
all over the streets of grey
they're warming us with their rays

If you can't stay
then why'd you tell me you would?
you're making me think we're good here

tears keep falling
down my nose passed my cheeks
I think I need more to drink

I can't even go a day without thinking
this ending seemed a little rushed
why don't we try for something (open ended)
Track Name: The Reddest Brick Wall
the foggy hills of Ashland call my name; they did for you once before
the streets were wet then, and it was hard to catch your face
running out in the dark; but it was there that I learned

it isn't shutter speed
or even tasteful lighting
all a good picture needs is your pretty face

your dress was red then, and it did well to catch their eyes
mine were no exception
and if I could, I'd follow in your steps but you run way too fast for me
so promise me when you're done

you'll get your ass back home
and I"ll cook something warm
maybe even sing, finally talk of other things
Track Name: Patronus
I don't know where to go; black and white are the only things I see
every option feels wrong, guess there isn't an easy choice for me
not for me

to the left I hear bombs; falling down from above like snow
exploding in slow motion; feels kinda cold but in a different way
but I shut my eyes and think

weren't you the one who picked me up off the ground when I died
when I drowned in the river of tears I cried
yeah, I know you; you might not believe me
but friends will do that from time to time
just left me lift up your soul; I remember when you lifted mine

the fire dies into smoke; I need a way to get up out of this place
but something's gripping my throat and wispy fingers catch me in their embrace

I think you threw me a rope; but was it a lifeline or a noose?
why should I choose to trust you?
feeling all alone in a familiar place
Track Name: 1099
you've been stuck on pause and you don't even notice
you just keep doting on your flaws, but that's your box so close it
directionless and tired; forgetting what a home is
the walls are pretty thin, dear; and I can hear you moan

Love; remember when it was just another word

you're burying yourself in wine coolers and trinkets
lately all your clothes hang over you like blankets
I'd lend you a hand; you only have to take it
'til then you stand alone or lie down with the wolves

Love; remember when she was just another girl
Track Name: Sleepy Tangents
what am I going to say when I run out of things to bitch and moan about?
I'm running out of paper; this pencil's out of lead and I'm bleeding out

lately I've been rehashing the past like it's still relevant
I just can't get over anything
it's a violent limp that stops me from running
and spreads a bunch of pain

what am I going to do when all your ears are full and everyone walks out?
the walls are closing in; the lights are flickering and I just want to shout


don't call them names; they're the same
dragging their feet through the mud like they're lame
stupid claims; who could care?
life's difficult for everybody